A quick scan of the room revealed the usual assortment of types; elderly uncle and auntie types (obviously the relatives of one side or the other), middle aged yuppies (probably colleagues) and a bunch of annoying kids who tagged alongside their parents, complaining about the long wait till dinner. Basically, no solo girl who looked like a likely target for me. Then out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of blue. Spinning around, though not so quickly as to draw attention to myself, I found myself looking at her Dirty Haruto . The first thing I noticed about her was her height - about ten centimetres taller than me, she stood out as being one of the taller people in the room. An electric blue dress hugged her body, emphasising her full curves as she walked across the room to get a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. My eyes immediately sized up her shapely figure, a hourglass outline highlighted by what I estimated to be full D cups. Her dress ended at her thighs, showing off long curvaceous legs that would have been the envy of most of the other ladies in the room. Her facial features hinted at a mixed heritage; high cheekbones, a sharp nose and big eyes gave her an exotic air, something you didn't quite find in most local girls. Long black hair that flowed down her back also made her look particularly elegant, especially in combination with that dress. She didn't look particularly interested in the goings-on though, wandering to the side of the room as she sipped at her glass, watching the flow of people into the room. Of course, in such a situation, the last thing you want to do is to startle your prey, so I picked a few walnuts off one of the serving tables and munched on them for a minute or two before casually sauntering over to her. "Excuse me, would you happen to know where the groom's parents are?" I asked as I closed within earshot of her. A little startled by my appearance, she nonetheless recovered quickly and smiled while watch movies here "They're over there," she said, waving a hand in the general direction of a well dressed couple chatting on the other side of the room. Of course, I'd already known that beforehand, but every suave don juan needs a good icebreaker, right? "Ah, thanks. I'm Shaun by the way," I said by way of introduction as I proffered a handshake. Her return grip was firm, yet supple, hinting at a blend of strength and sensuality. "Gwendolyn, though everybody just calls me Gwen," she replied, raising her champagne glass to her full lips as she took another sip. I could almost imagine those lips doing something naughty, but I drove the thought of my head as I focused on the goal. "I'm the bride's cousin, but she's off with her hubby-to-be on some last minute stuff, so I'm pretty much stranded her alone." I nodded and offered a sympathetic smile, carrying on the small talk as we waited for the main ballroom to open up for dinner. As we conversed, I noticed certain minor details, such as the way she self-consciously tucked her hair behind her ear, her frequent blinking and the way she leaned in my direction as she talked - classic signs that she was attracted. Always a good start. Then dinner was ready and we split up as we walked to our respective tables. As it turned out, I was seated at a table near the front of the stage, surrounded by other distant relatives whom I hadn't seen in years, let alone spoken to. It could've been the worst possible scenario... if it weren't for Gwen being seated at the very next table. Throughout the courses that were being served, I kept up the idle chatter at my table while taking the occasional peek over at her. She was kept busy by her own relatives too, downing glass after glass of champagne at a relatively quick pace by my measure. Probably better to be tipsy than to put up with some uncle boasting about the hole-in-one he hit at the club last week. Then just before dessert, there was a break in the action as the bride and groom went around to take photos with the guests. I was about to make a call on my phone when Gwendolyn caught my eye and gave me a wink, gesturing to the main reception area as she got up and walked out of the room -